Trade in OR Stay in Helmet Discount Program
Replace your damaged helmet at a fraction of the price!

Trade in or Stay in!

Introducing Shopena’s Trade in OR Stay in Helmet Discount Program!

A helmet is arguably the most important piece of protective equipment a motorcyclist can own, so we at Shopena want to make sure everyone can afford one! Our Helmet Trade In Program allows a rider to send us their old/damaged helmet in exchange for 10% - 30% off a brand new one!

It’s easy!

1: Contact us HERE and let us know the helmet you want.

2: We’ll let you know what sort of discount we can offer. It depends on the brand of the new helmet.

3: Once we get your old/damaged helmet, we’ll email you a discount coupon code.

Safety, Standards, & Support is what Shopena is all about. Extreme sporting calls for top notch protection. Your safety is more important than taking a chance riding in your old, diminished helmet!

Questions? Contact us HERE

More reasons why you should Trade in or Stay in!!

Your damaged helmet may be unsafe:

Did you know dropping your helmet onto a hard surface (even from waist high) can compromise the helmet’s efficiency? And if you’ve ever hit your head with the helmet on it could be even worse! A new helmet is always your best bet when it comes to protection and the chances of avoiding injury.

Your old helmet may be unsafe:

You may be thinking “It’s not damaged, it’s just old. How is that unsafe?!” Well most helmets use an EPS foam lining, similar to that of a coffee cup. Over time this lining becomes brittle & loses its ability to absorb an impact properly. If the helmet is not absorbing the impact, your head is!! Most manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet every 4-5 years. Let’s not forget how fast technology improves. A new helmet may have better materials, designs, & enhanced safety features. You will be surprised how much a helmet can transform within a 4-5 year period.

The real price:

Often we hear “What is the price of your head?!?!” But more realistically, we’d like to ask what is the price of getting injured, missing work/school, being in pain or discomfort? A newer helmet may increase your chances of walking away with less severe injuries. We know some helmets are expensive but that’s why we have this discount program!

Check our guides below to get the perfect helmet size!

How to Measure Your Head

Manufactures Helmet Size Charts

Keep calm and ride on!

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