MX Glove Buying Guide
A guide that lends a hand to help you pick out the perfect pair of MX gloves

There are many different types of gloves from many manufacturers and getting the right fit is most important. MX Gloves should match the goal of the rider. For instance, Velcro, reinforced, extra padding, and rubber on fingers is a great selection for wood riders that deal with rocks, trees, dirt, and mud. For racers (who ride in the dirt) typically like a minimalistic, light weight glove that you can slip on. Gloves should allow you to easily and quickly control the throttle, clutch, and brake without interference. Minimalistic gloves do this better than bulked up gloves but also have less protection. To determine the best pair of gloves for you and your riding, just read the few points below.

  1. Velcro vs. Slip on
  2. Silicone
  3. Extra Features
  4. Water Resistance
  5. Materials

1. Velcro vs. Slip on- Velcro is good to wear to "lock" your hand securely and tight. Also, it's good to have because you can adjust them to your comfort. Slip on gloves on the other hand (get it?) are good to wear because they are lightweight and feel natural. Whereas Velcro gloves are made out of thicker materials that can have a heavier feel.

2. Silicone- it's a no brainer. Silicone not only enhances your grip but it provides a stable and safe way to hold onto your clutch. I would recommend buying gloves with silicone because it offers extra durability.

3. Extra Features- If you are a "YOLO" rider you should probably invest in a pair of gloves that has wrist protection. Not only does it serve as a brace but it will protect your wrist from accidents. The most frequent injury for riders is wrist injuries.

Another feature available to high quality MX gloves is reinforced stitching or material. Either the material is double up or the stitching is doubled up in some areas. Usually places where the gloves are likely to ware down and get abuse. Gloves with reinforced areas tend to last longer.

4. Water Resistance- This particular type of glove is good to have if you are a racer. Races don't get canceled on rainy days. It helps protect your gloves from getting soaked from the rain and it'll keep your hands dry. So invest in a pair to make sure you are always prepared no matter the weather!

5. Materials- During the cold season you will want a pair of gloves that provide extra materials to keep your hands warm. Also, there are heated gloves which is a perfect option to keep your hands warm and to steer away from frostbite. During the hot seasons you will want a glove with material that can ventilate air throughout the glove. Why? Because it will prevent your hands from getting sweaty and keep them cool and dry while riding under hot conditions.

Also, some materials that gloves have are called "stretch points" that is made of elastic. The points can be between fingers, around the wrist, and more. It ensures the gloves have the perfect fit, comfortable feel and more flexibility for a better range of motion.